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Dropping In screening panel discussion

Dropping In Panel from Brehm Center on Vimeo.

Matthew Manus, Mitra Avani, David and Cynthia Klane, and Christopher Manus join Reel Spirituality Co-director Elijah Davidson for a discussion of their films Korean BBQ and Dropping In: The Don Wimmer Story.

Dropping Out vs. Dropping In

We were doing a little house cleaning the other day when we came across this editorial written and published two years ago by our friend Michael Brooke in Concrete Wave Magazine. As we re-read the piece, we realized that Michael's editorial is perhaps even more resonant today than the day he published it, way back in the good old days of spring 2008. We've attached it below for your reading pleasure. Just right-click to download to your desktop.

And thanks for the good words, Michael. They're as relevant as ever. The Dropping In Production Team.

Check out these tracks from the Dropping In Original Soundtrack

Here's a cool music player widget with a few tracks from the movie. Thanks to Carlos, Josh, Ryan, Jed, Braden and the rest of the Dropping In Music Team for the kick-ass songs and score.

Press kits

Here are some pics from the last tracking session...

Get Down-Loaded with The Swiss Bearing Edition Download

Year four of the global financial crisis is upon us, and times can suck for those less financially fortunate, so we devised an evil yet simple plan to keep the cost of watching Dropping In as low as possible. Now you can name your own price with this special iPad, iPod and iPhone ready stream of the complete movie. (Data charges from your carrier may apply) You can also watch the high quality movie file right in your web browser. So with practically no budgetary concerns whatsoever why not watch and enjoy Dropping In: The Don Wimmer Story today. Just click HERE to get The Swiss Bearing Edition Download, and times can suck for a little less this year. Thanks for supporting independent film.

Dropping In screens at Skateboard Movie Night at The Steynberg Gallery to benefit San Luis Obispo skate park

Many thanks to Jack Smith of The Skateboarder's Journal for putting together a cool screening for us on Saturday Night June 27th at The Steynberg Gallery in SLO.

Jack is a true champion of sport and an expert on the sport of skateboarding in particular. Hell, he's probably forgotten more about skating than most of us will ever know, so true to form he arranged the screening to benefit some much needed new terrain at San Luis Obispo skate park. Seriously, can there be too many good places to skate?

We like the way Jack thinks, and we also would like to help make the world a better place to skate... one skate park at a time, so if you're planning a skate event, or would like to plan one, please drop us a line and we'd be happy to try and accommodate with a screening.

Keep on shredding,

Don and The Dropping In Production Team

Method Fest 2009 Wrap Up - The Best of the Rest of the Fest

Plenty of good times were had by all at The 2009 Method Fest, and we'd like to thank festival executive director Don Franken, his devoted crew, all the generous festival sponsors, the City of Calabasas, and Mayor Dennis Washburn for hosting such an enjoyable and well planned event. Thanks to all for emphasizing the FEST in film festival and for supporting the discovery of creative new voices in film.

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