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Dropping In SWAG! The SWAGGIEST SWAG we can make!

Somebody (our beloved wizard of the web) told us about a website called Zazzle where we could design hats, t-shirts, stickers, and other SWAG based on the film that fans might like to have for their very own. We thought, wow, our own SWAG! Everyone loves SWAG! Let's make SWAG! So we logged on to and after about a zillion hours of trying to figure out how to work the whole Zazzle swag-making thing, we actually made three very swaggy items... THREE? Kinda lame, we know, but we figure as long as we can be good at making movies, we're willing to own the lameness of being NOT good at making SWAG. So we'll just keep adding SWAG from time to time as we perfect our swag-making skills until we've properly represented Dropping In with the SWAGGIEST SWAG we can make.

You can even go to Zazzle yourself and make your own SWAG. Think about it... YOUR VERY OWN SWAG! IN YOUR VERY OWN SWAG FLASH WIDGET THINGY THAT LOOKS SOMETHING LIKE THIS...

New Trailer!!

Here it is! When we showed it to Don he said it didn't suck too bad, and we had to agree, so we figured we'd make sure everyone knew that right up front. Hope you think so too.

Steal This Game!

Go ahead, take the Dropping In game and stick it... (on your website, that is)!

Dropping In: The Game
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