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Full-Length Download - The Swiss Bearing Edition

Now you can watch the entire feature lenth movie right in yer browser with The Swiss Bearing Edition Download*. You can also stream the movie right to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch! (Data fees from your carrier may apply, so please be aware that if you stream Dropping In to your mobile device The Swiss Bearing Download is a high quality, 950 MB file, which might be a lot of data fees.)

And speaking of fees, you might be interested to know that we didn't set out to make this film to get rich. And while we've succeeded marvelously on that count, we did make this film to share with as many people as possible without picking anyone's pocket, so we'd appreciate whatever you can spare to help support our little habit of creating original, independent films so we can keep on sharing them with you. $5 would be great, but you can donate whatever amount you feel is fair and watch the movie anytime you like. And please, feel free to share the download page link with a friend. Thanks for your support of independent filmmaking.

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