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The Dropping In Urethane Wheel Edition DVD is here!

The introduction by Frank Nasworthy of polyurethane wheels to skateboarding in the early 70's was revolutionary. And the addition of precision bearings to urethane wheels changed skating forever.

The Urethane Wheel Edition DVD likewise produced some changes for our movie. Director Matthew Manus recut a bit of the third act, and after a bit of post film festival analysis, the movie's title was also changed... sort of... as you may have noticed.

But we believe change is good, and just as clay wheels have become somewhat of a rare item, The Clay Wheel Edition DVD found it's way into very few hands, so if you were lucky enough to get one you now possess what amounts to a good old fashioned first edition. So don't just pitch it in the dumpster like you no doubt did with your old clay wheels. Put it somewhere safe... like say... in a safe.

Anyway, enough old school nostalgia. Like Don might have said back in the 70's after his first mongo push on precision rolling urethane wheels...

Now we're talkin'... now we're skatin'!

Order Dropping In: The Don Wimmer Story Urethane Wheel Edition DVD for only $9.99. No fancy menus, no special features, just a movie about a wanna-be 100% skateboarder.

But what's a urethane wheel without finely made precision bearings? Well for a limited time, upon completion of your Urethane Wheel Edition DVD order, and at no extra charge, you can roll directly to The Swiss Bearing Download page where you can watch all 81 minutes and 10 seconds of Dropping In: The Don Wimmer Story right in your web browser, or if you prefer, forward the page link to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and enjoy the movie whenever and wherever you like on any of those mobile devices. (Data charges from your carrier may of course apply) And sure, feel free to share the link with a friend. It's our gift, and our way of saying thanks for supporting our own little revolution for independent film.

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