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Santa Fe Film Festival Day 3

We started day three with a workshop featuring oscar winning actor Alan Arkin, Oscar nominated actor James Cromwell, and award winning actor Giancarlo Esposito. Again, it was great to listen to these veterans of the film world talk about making their way through good times and bad.

Actor Workshop

Following the workshop my movie had it's world premiere. This was an interesting experience. First, Jon Bowman, one of the directors and founder of the film festival, was kind enough to show up and introduce my film to the audience. I know he is a busy guy but I am happy he wanted to do so.

Jon Bowman

Before my movie showed there was a short film, Serving the Soul , about psycho-surgery in the 1930's - 60's. It focused on the use of lobotomies especially in the case of Rosemary Kennedy. I'm really pretty pissed that this film was programed with mine. Not because the film is bad, it is actually quite interesting. It's that it is so chilling and freaky it really is a horrible warm up for a film that is a comedy (mine). That being said, when my film started, people seemed to get in the mood quickly and seemed to be sustained throughout the screening. As usual with my film I think there were some folks who just didn't get it, but the vast majority of people came out of their way to say how much they enjoyed it. This was nice as they could have just bolted for the door. Following the film we did a Q&A that went over well.

Post screening Q & A

We talked about everything from the conception of the the idea to the acting and even why we call it a true story when it is not. Also, everyone really wanted to meet Don and Jason (Thanks for leaving me hanging guys). In all, our world premiere was a success. It feels good to have picked up some more fans and I hope to do so again on Sunday. Cheers from Santa Fe.


Scotland Yard Pub


Don - In town for a few days. Took your recommendation and "dropped in" to The Yard. Enjoyed the atmosphere. I am right up the road in Woodland Hills - would love to buy you one at the Yard on Tuesday night June 2 if you are around. Take Care - Heyburt

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