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Method Fest 2009 Wrap Up - The Best of the Rest of the Fest

Plenty of good times were had by all at The 2009 Method Fest, and we'd like to thank festival executive director Don Franken, his devoted crew, all the generous festival sponsors, the City of Calabasas, and Mayor Dennis Washburn for hosting such an enjoyable and well planned event. Thanks to all for emphasizing the FEST in film festival and for supporting the discovery of creative new voices in film.

As independent filmmakers, little can compare with the thrill of sitting in a dark theater and sharing your movie with an appreciative and engaged audience, and yet we were again thrilled and surprised to discover that Dropping In: The Don Wimmer Story had earned 2 festival award nominations: director Matthew Manus was nominated for The Barefoot Winery Maverick Award For Quality In Low Budget Film and actor David Klane was nominated for The Regency Theaters Breakout Acting Award.

Drirector Matthew Manus & David Klane at Award Night

While we didn't take home either award, to reduce the festival experience to merely a competition would be to overlook the joy that comes from an opportunity to share one's film with a new audience, as well as the opportunity to see new work from fellow filmmakers. Once again, when it comes to doing something you love, fun definitely trumps competition.

If you'd like to join the fun and come to one of our next screenings, be sure to check back here soon and/or subscribe to our newsletter for future screening announcements.

Thanks again for your support!

The Dropping In Production Team

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