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Got an opinion about the film? Here's the place to discuss. So go ahead and lay it on us. We wanna hear from you about the good, the bad, and even the ugly.


To start the ball rolling...

Dropping In Production Team

Here's an email we received shortly after the July 4 preview stream from a fan named Alex. This put such a smile on all our faces that we asked Alex for permission to post it here on the website. Alex is proof that a man's dream isn't what matters... what matters is the man.

Thank you Alex for your kind words. You Rock!

The Dropping In Production Team

From: Alexander
Date: Jul 7, 2008 8:52 AM

Hey guys, hope all is well.. I decided to copy this email to both of you (Don & JP – ed.) as I see you both at eye level with the success of this movie production...

I was lucky enough on July 4th to watch the movie that I have been patiently waiting to see so bad.. I came home at night, lined the audio into my studio monitors and had a great journey with "Dropping In" ...

The reason I am mailing you guys is because as great as the movie is, there were a couple parts that staggered me as I watched it... to a point where me and my girlfriend both looked at each other and we were like "what?!"

Whether this movie was scripted, or not, or even half and half... I couldn’t believe how parallel the movie went with my life.

I’m a 31 year old skateboarder, always wanted to be pro… never got there... always had the dream, but motivation sometimes got the best of me... years went by, just skating more for myself but always telling myself, gotta make a sponsor tape, gotta get my name out there.. but never got around to it.. big dreams were to be sought out, but discouragement and procrastination hit me every time, but I never gave up on the sport, because I am stubborn... well it paid off...

I never became pro, and I know I never will on a level of how the kids of the new generation of today are riding, but this is what freaked me out when I watched the movie; after all my trial and error in life trying to say I’m gonna do this and that, but never applying myself 110% in the skateboarding industry, I was offered and accepted a job as the head skateboard instructor at French Woods Festival Summer Camp, where I am, every day, from 9 30 am till 6 at night teaching kids from ages 7 to 18 the fundamentals of skateboarding, tricks, safety, and overall good skate ethics. ...(by the way, that was my first staggering moment when Don's brother in-law said during his interview that Don would be good working at a summer camp... my girlfriend looked at me and laughed..)

Anyway… ultimately, I became a pro within myself, and I’m able to be an educator to those that need direction in this sport… and with that came even more opportunity, when I ended up last week becoming filmed as one of the skateboard coaches for the show "Made" for MTV to a 15 year old girl that flew in from Ohio to be made into a skateboarder at the skateboard park I was hired to run... I never thought I would get something like that presented to me…

Well, I been rambling on for a bit, but I just wanted to let you know how great of a movie "Dropping In" is and how cool the similarities are with a couple parts in it... especially the key part of it all.. the ending.. as we (Don and me) solidified our legacies in the same way... and whether this movie was scripted or in some way reality, the messages throughout were touching and genuine and I’m sure will effect many people out there as they watch it.. so to me, this movie is as real as it gets.

Thanks for your time


We may be old... but we're slow.

Dropping In Production Team

Here's a note from STIBROKER, who posted the following comment to Don on MySpace! Judging by the title of his vid clip, he's not about to let Don steal any Texas thunder. Keep on rolling, bro.

The Dropping In Production Team

July 11, 2008:

...I watched your film and it amused me....there are 40+ year olds that do skate and are quite for myself have been off a board for 27 years and just got back into it a year ago because my kids started now we go out and skate together...

Don Wimmer aint got nothing on me....

Don, you need to be


Don, you need to be here......

Cool, I'm there...


Minnesota Fall Outlaw - Prize Given - The True Story...


I was able to pass along a purchased copy of the movie to a winner in one of our contests this weekend.

You can find photos of our contest here and a photo of Dylan (a skater from Fargo North Dakota) with the prize.

Thanks for the stoke Don.



And thanks to you for helping to spread the stoke, Burt!


rock on!

Droppinginmovie rocks!

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