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The Dropping In Urethane Wheel Edition DVD is here!

The introduction by Frank Nasworthy of polyurethane wheels to skateboarding in the early 70's was revolutionary. And the addition of precision bearings to urethane wheels changed skating forever.

The Urethane Wheel Edition DVD likewise produced some changes for our movie. Director Matthew Manus recut a bit of the third act, and after a bit of post film festival analysis, the movie's title was also changed... sort of... as you may have noticed.

But we believe change is good, and just as clay wheels have become somewhat of a rare item, The Clay Wheel Edition DVD found it's way into very few hands, so if you were lucky enough to get one you now possess what amounts to a good old fashioned first edition. So don't just pitch it in the dumpster like you no doubt did with your old clay wheels. Put it somewhere safe... like say... in a safe.

Anyway, enough old school nostalgia. Like Don might have said back in the 70's after his first mongo push on precision rolling urethane wheels...

Full-Length Download - The Swiss Bearing Edition

Now you can watch the entire feature lenth movie right in yer browser with The Swiss Bearing Edition Download*. You can also stream the movie right to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch! (Data fees from your carrier may apply, so please be aware that if you stream Dropping In to your mobile device The Swiss Bearing Download is a high quality, 950 MB file, which might be a lot of data fees.)

And speaking of fees, you might be interested to know that we didn't set out to make this film to get rich. And while we've succeeded marvelously on that count, we did make this film to share with as many people as possible without picking anyone's pocket, so we'd appreciate whatever you can spare to help support our little habit of creating original, independent films so we can keep on sharing them with you. $5 would be great, but you can donate whatever amount you feel is fair and watch the movie anytime you like. And please, feel free to share the download page link with a friend. Thanks for your support of independent filmmaking.

DVD - The Clay Wheel First Edition

Here it is... at last you can get your very own signed copy of the complete movie in this special first edition "Clay Wheel" DVD release. Alternate scenes, deleted scenes and trailer included.

The bad news... The Clay Wheel Edition DVD is history. The good news... The Urethane Wheel Edition DVD is the future, and it'll be available right on this very webpage in the very near, aforementioned future. Thanks for your support!

Dropping In Skateboard Deck (Jason Klugman Model)

A little wider, a little longer, perfect for the veteran skater on ramps, streets, ditches, and pools. The best quality hard-rock maple decks and an unrivaled patent-pending printing process make this the best skateboard available in the world.

Jason Klugman Model Deck

Dropping In Stickers - Free... kinda

Everyone loves stickers. Especially skaters... to plaster the bottom of decks, or stick on the tile of a favorite bowl while carving a stylish line... lets other skaters know you were there. Yeah, stickers don't suck too bad at all.

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